25k Entry 2018

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Terms & Conditions.

  1. For Skins swimmers, only Standard Swimming Costumes, hat and goggles permitted. (No wet/tri-suits allowed).
  2. Instructions from race officials must be adhered to all times, and all swimmers must attend the pre-swim safety briefing or they will not be allowed to swim. (No exceptions)
  3. I confirm that I have no medical disabilities that would endanger myself or anyone else participating in this event.
  4. I declare that I am entering this event of my own choosing and I will place no liability on the ILDSA, its officers and members for any injury sustained or property lost or damaged whilst participating in this event.
  5. I authorise race officials to remove me from the water should they deem I am hypothermic or disorientated. I also authorise them to administer first aid should it be necessary
  6. Swimmers must confirm any medical condition that the organisers should be aware of E.G. Asthma, Diabetes, heart condition, physical disabilities etc.
  7. The closing date for entries is the 30th June.

Swim Rules

  1. To be eligible to compete for both the Irish National 17k & 25k (And thus be in the running to be called Irish champion) you must be a current member of a Swim Ireland club and either have been born in Ireland or have resided in Ireland for the last 12 months.
  2. Swimmers (If they meet the eligibility requirements) cannot represent Ireland AND their country of birth. They must represent one or the other.
  3. Swimmers must not use any type of floatation aid (Boards, fins, poolbuoys etc)
  4. Pacing is not allowed.
  5. Swimmers may grease up before the swim.
  6. Swimmers must not touch the boat/canoe while swimming or feeding.
  7. Swimmers must organise their own food, grease and helper before and after the swim.
  8. High-tech suits are not allowed. The swimmers must wear classical textile swim wear.
  9. The ILDSA Organising Committee will make sure that all rules are observed.
  10. Rules 3-9 will also apply to the relay teams who will also have to adhere to the following…..Only 3 swimmers per team, the order of swimmers must not change and swimmers must change every hour.

Swim Information

  • Date: Saturday 5th August 2017 at Carrybridge Marina, Enniskillen Co Fermanagh
  • Registration: TBC
  • Safety briefing: TBC
  • Start time: TBC
  • Minimum age: All swimmers to be at least 18 on the day of the swim. (Unless under exceptional circumstances.)
  • Safety cover: All swimmers will have their own canoeist and a number of powered safety boats will patrol the course. There will also be permanent “lead and rear” safety boats. The 25k solo swimmers, once they pass the 17k mark will have 2 canoeists each.
  • The 25k relay teams will also have 2 canoeists once past the 17k mark and they will need to provide a “Covered” escort boat for the duration of their swim.